Winner of the Caroline Walker Trust ‘Nutritionist of the Year’ Award!

Author: Suzanne Fletcher, RNutr (Public health) and Founder of Nutrition Scotland

“I am absolutely delighted and honoured to have won the Caroline Walker Trust Nutritionist of the Year 2020 award!”

The Caroline Walker Trust (CWT) is a highly respected and inspiring organisation promoting evidence-based nutrition and dedicated to the improvement of public health through good food.

The Nutritionist of the Year award was sponsored by the Nutrition Society and the Association for Nutrition

The theme for this year’s awards was ‘To Triumph through Adversity’

As a new social enterprise, just getting off the ground when Covid-19 emerged, we were badly affected like so many others. Our face-to-face services abruptly stopped, rethinking was required in order to respond quickly to the new situation and continue supporting the beneficiaries of our services.

I was nominated for the successful design and delivery of the Nutrition Scotland Online Food Skills programme delivered in partnership with Aberlour Children’s Charity YouthPoint service in Kennishead and Arden communities in Glasgow.

I am so grateful to receive this recognition from the CWT. All new social enterprises will know how difficult it can be to get the attention and support of those that can help most. I can’t overstate the personal and professional value of receiving this gesture of support from such a well-regarded organisation.

The importance of third sector organisations has been demonstrated clearly this year through their adaptability and collaborative efforts. The sector has responded quickly to directly support their communities in very challenging circumstances and with very limited resources. This award recognises our efforts to support improvements in public health at community level, it’s a positive story demonstrating the value of social enterprise and I hope it encourages further support for our work and the work of so many others trying to make a positive social impact.

Food Hero Award

Nutrition Scotland was also shortlisted for the ‘Food Hero’ award in recognition of the partnerships we’ve formed and projects we’ve delivered this year. Notably our hot food projects, online food skills programmes and development of the new community nutrition website.

You can read about the awards, categories and nominees here

The Caroline Walker Trust was founded in 1989 after the death of the distinguished nutritionist, writer and campaigner Caroline Walker. Established to continue her work and in her spirit, the CWT works tirelessly to promote the improvement of public health through good food. The work of CWT is particularly targeted towards vulnerable groups and people who need special help.

You can read more about the CWT here

“Caroline Walker Trust awards are intended to highlight distinctive and outstanding work in promoting public health by maintaining and advancing standards of food and nutrition. This year we acknowledge those who are striving to make a difference when times are tough, and there are so many changes to our daily lives” 
Kathy Lewis, Acting Chair of the CWT


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