What’s in Season?

Seasonal foods are good for the climate, for cost, for our local economy, for nature - plus they're tastier and more nutritious!

Nutrition Scotland - January (beetroot)


Start the year off with some colour. Use radishes and beetroot to liven up winter meals, and there is plenty of spinach, rocket and other leaves to support the immune system. For something a bit different, use apples and pears in salads.

Nutrition Scotland - February (apple)


February is a good month to enjoy those lovely winter veggies which are on their last fresh crop for the season. Make the most of those locally produced parsnips, swedes and Brussel sprouts, along with those crunchy winter salads.

Nutrition Scotland - March (cabbage)


The start of Spring pops with the colour of purple broccoli. Fresh chives and parsley return for flavoursome meals, and it is a good month to mix up winter veggies and incoming spring greens. The first rhubarb of the season will be available for those delicious pies and crumbles.

Nutrition Scotland - April (potatoes)


Spring is definitely in the air, with spring onions, spring greens and more. Leeks and horseradish are available nearby and are great for adding flavour. There is plenty of rhubarb to be had locally.

Nutrition Scotland - May (chilli)


May is full of crisp vegetables and juicy fruit. Cauliflower and pak choi offer lots of versatility and add some spice with locally produced chillies. Scottish asparagus is available, and a delicious side to any meal. After a long winter, fruit lovers can enjoy the first tomatoes and strawberries this month.

Nutrition Scotland - June (strawberry)


June is the last month for fresh Scottish asparagus. New veggies being harvested are celery, mangetout, and peas. The fruit bowl will be overflowing this month, with choices from cherries, gooseberries, raspberries, red currants, tomatoes, strawberries.

Nutrition Scotland - July (raspberry)


There are fresh crops of beetroot, broad beans and runner beans in July. Add this to the already vast selection of leafy, fleshy and hard veggies available for a great choice. The fruit harvest brings in blueberries and possibly the first crop of plums.

Nutrition Scotland - August (pears)


August is a good month to enjoy the last of the fresh summer veggies, particularly new potatoes and peas. Fresh crops of brambles will be available this month. Stock up on soft berries and fruits and preserve them for the winter.

Nutrition Scotland - September (tomatoes)


One of the best things about Autumn is the fruit and veg which has just come into season. Locally, we have root vegetables, great for soups and sauces, and there are plenty of dark fruits, like plums and blueberries.

Nutrition Scotland - October (turnip)


October is the month of the pumpkin of course, but many other fresh veggies are harvested at this time. The delicious sweet potato is available locally and can be used for so many types of dishes. Local pears are also ripe, perfect for cosy, warming puddings.

Nutrition Scotland - November (broccoli)


There are plenty of hearty veggies in November, perfect for roasting or making soups; think turnips and carrots. Cabbage and leeks are great for quick healthy meals and for fresh local fruit, there are plenty of apples, which are delicious baked.

Nutrition Scotland - December (brussels sprouts)


The start of winter, and Christmas, usually makes us think of Brussel sprouts and parsnips. But the new season brings plenty of healthy and tasty food. Leafy salads like chicory and lettuce can add crunch to winter meals, and it is a great time to stew up all those local veggies like winter squash.