Beautiful stories and unique traditions, food brings people together

Author: Ines Burtica, Nutrition Student at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh

My name is Ines-Maria Burtica, I was born in Germany and grew up in Romania. Food has always been a big part of my life, and the countries I’ve lived in have influenced this in many ways. In Romania food is a key element for many families, as it brings people together. People love to share their food and eating is more than just a simple act; it represents a way in which people interact with each other. When I was little, I was always in the kitchen helping my grandmother cook dishes that were from different cuisines. My family always loved to make a lot of German, Hungarian and Romanian dishes. I would say that my childhood definitely influenced my huge love for food. I enjoyed being able to see the whole cooking process and this changed my perspective on cooking. I began to see cooking as a pleasure, rather than just a duty. At 17 years old I moved to Denmark with my family. This again added to my view on food and cooking by opening me up to a lot of different cultures and cuisines.

I have to say that my real personal cooking experience started after I began University and I had to cook for myself while living alone in my dorm. It started as a necessity, but shortly after became something I loved to do. I am currently pursuing a BSc in Nutrition at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. Studying for this degree has allowed me to acquire a lot of knowledge about nutritious eating and how to have a healthy lifestyle. This has impacted my cooking and I am now able to cook whilst taking into consideration nutritional requirements.  

What I like so much about preparing food, is that you can be very creative as there are no boundaries. Let’s be honest, cooking is not something that always goes right the first time, and you have to be ready to improvise sometimes- I’m still learning about this. I love to cook from numerous cuisines around the world, as I like to observe the differences when it comes to the preparation and cooking process, as well as learn about the variety of ingredients that can be found in every culture. I have learned so far from my experience that behind every cuisine there is a beautiful story and a unique tradition.

Nutrition Scotland - Roast Chicken

One of my favourite recipes to cook for others is a One-dish Roasted Chicken Dinner, I use various spices to make a delicious dry rub to coat the chicken. What other food can bring people together more than a whole roast chicken?!

No matter what recipe I am making, cooking makes me very happy, as I think food always brings people together. I feel a great pleasure whilst cooking and I always do it with love.

You can download the recipe here and you can also find a step by step video for this and many other recipes on Ines’ Instagram @le_fin.gourmet


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