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Digital Food Skills Programme

This is an online food skills course designed to help young people learn basic cooking skills, nutrition, food hygiene, meal planning and much more!

Learners follow a 6 week course, completing quizzes and uploading assignments to progress through the course and a certificate is issued on completion.

This course is free and currently being piloted with a limited number of learners who will also receive vouchers to cover the cost of ingredients. For now it is invitation-only.

To register your interest please email

We are registered with the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) who are an awarding body in Scotland for various qualifications including Food and Health and Food Hygiene.

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As a REHIS training centre, Nutrition Scotland offer the following qualifications:

Food and Health

  • Elementary Food and Health (SCQF Level 5, 1 credit)
  • Introduction to Food and Health 
  • Elementary Food and Health for Carers of Adults with a Learning Disability 
  • Elementary Practical Cooking Skills (SCQF Level 4, 1 credit)
  • Eating Well for Older People 
  • How to Run a Cooking Group

Food Hygiene

  • Elementary Food Hygiene (SCQF Level 5, 1 credit) – also available by e-learning
  • Introduction to Food Hygiene – also available by e-learning
  • Refresher to Elementary Food Hygiene

Please contact us for further information.