Pitta & Puff Pastry Pizzas

These brilliant pitta pizzas are quick and easy – perfect for a quick lunch or snack. Instead of using pitta bread as your base you can also use ready-made puff pastry. An easy, tasty bake for lunch!

Couscous and Frittatas

If you’ve not tried couscous, it’s brilliant! It’s made from wheat, like tiny pasta balls, very affordable and versatile. A Frittata is a baked egg dish, it’s similar to an omelette, fun to make and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Speedy Tomato Pasta

Fish is good for your brain! It contains Omega 3 (especially oily fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines) We should eat 2 portions of fish each week so we’re sneaking in some fish to this dish!

Fruity Pancakes

Once you know how to make a basic crepe pancake, you can add whatever you like – they can be savoury or sweet. We’re making sweet ones this week to celebrate the final week of the food skills level 1 programme!


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