What We Do

Evidence-based nutrition for communities.

Nutrition Scotland is a community nutrition social enterprise established in 2018. Our profits are used to provide free or subsidised services in disadvantaged communities. We work with individuals, schools, businesses, statutory and community organisations.

We want to improve diet-related health and reduced health inequalities in Scotland.

In 2019, Nutrition Scotland was recognised for its contribution to improving public health through good food by the Caroline Walker Trust when it was shortlisted for the ‘Food Hero award’ and achieved runner-up position.

Nutrition Scotland - what we do: connecting people; transforming eating habits; promoting healthy sustainable foods; improved health and environmental benefits; strengthening the nutritional workforce; ensuring professional practice; working in the community; reducing waste.

Our Mission

Collaborate, design and deliver evidence-based community nutrition services that improve health and support environmentally sustainable food systems. To be recognised for our contribution to health equity and raising the quality of life of those currently born into disadvantage.

We aim to achieve this by:

Connecting people

We want to connect individuals, professionals and communities interested in nutritional health and develop a network of nutrition-related professionals. We encourage networking and sharing of information and best practice.

Strengthen the nutritional workforce

Our work includes providing training opportunities for nutritional professionals, and work experience opportunities for nutrition graduates and community members. We deliver Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland accredited courses and food hygiene training to individuals, businesses and communities. We also deliver Food and Health presentations to schools which encourage practical food experiences whilst supporting the curriculum.

Working in the community

We design and deliver programmes, workshops and events for specific groups such as young parents, sports groups, schools, nurseries, older people, carers and other third sector organisations. Our profits are used to build capacity within disadvantaged communities through training, skills development and delivery of free or subsidised programmes and workshops.

Ensuring professional practice

We offer a reliable source of nutritional advice and information that is based on the latest science, and we continually evaluate our work. Promoting evidence-based nutritional services is one of our key values.